This is the blog-era. More and more people create blogs each day, with different hopes and targets. Some just want a place of their own over the internet, where they can share thoughts, experience and fact with other people. Some use blogs as a business tool. No matter your target, the success of your blog resides in good, well-written, unique content, a good blog structure and the right tools to help your readers find the right content.

Blogsessive.com is the place where you can find blogging tips, WordPress tools and plugins, themes and answers to your blogging related questions.

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The man behind this project

Alex CristacheThis is me, Alex Cristache, a 30 year old fellow with more than 10 years of online experience gathered working for top Romanian web design, development and consultancy companies or as a freelancer, currently being the Managing Partner of the QBKL Media design studio.

Looking back into my past, I’ve started as a junior web designer and worked my way up in ranks through senior web, print & logo designer, occasional copywriter, web SEO consultant and project manager. While my main job was focused on design, I could not stay away from web development, and so, I’ve started working with PHP & MySQL.

When WordPress was first released, I’ve instantly connected with this application, amazed with what can be accomplished by using it, how flexible it can be and its ease of use. So, here I am, a few years later, sharing my thoughts, experience and findings with you, blogsessed fellows!

Another project that I currently run is CREATIVEurope, a website bookmarking the best european creative portfolios available online, and that’s why you can see an RSS feed of those portfolios in Blogsessive’s sidebar.

If you want to know what other blogs I follow, check out my selection on Blogosphere.cc. This is basically a place set up by me that aggregates the latest feed entries of my most of my favorite blogs.

Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, suggestion, announcement or just want to say “Hi!”.

Also, I would love it if you would tell me more about you.


I’ll be adding interviews that other bloggers took with me here.

Common Sense Policy on Blogsessive

Freedom of speech is highly important and it’s encouraged on Blogsessive, but please, don’t abuse it. Don’t fill you comments with links, unless they are truly relevant and add value to the conversation.

It would also be nice if you’d sign your comment with a name or at least a nick name, and not some keywords. Besides the fact that it is considered spam, I’d love to know who to address my answers.

Each comment represents the views of its author, and not those of Blogsessive’s author or guest posters.

Whenever writing a review or expressing my views on a certain topic or website, it will be MY views, even if the post will be sponsored. All links included in posts are not paid links. Whenever a post will be sponsored, that will be announced at the end of the post, since it’s a fair thing to do for my readers.

If there’s something I appreciate a lot, that’s the idea of a community and having a great conversation. That being said…

Welcome to Blogsessive!

Alex Cristache