Latest Posts by Category v1.2 – Major Update

The Latest Posts by Category Archive WordPress plugin has been updated to version 1.2.

This is a major update as from now on, the plugin is also available as a widget for your widget-ready areas and comes with new styling options dedicated to customize the output of the widget.

The styling options are well documented and the documentation can be found as PDF and HTML files in the download package.

Download the 1.2 plugin version from the original post.

Please report unusual behaviors or bugs via this posts comments section.

WP Plugin: Query Posts WordPress Widget

Justin Tadlock has recently released on cool little WordPress plugin that works miracles for those with little PHP knowledge. As the name says, the plugin is a visual reconstruction of the query_posts WordPress template tag.

So, what does the plugin do? It basically allows you to setup an infinite number of widgets in you widget-ready theme, widgets that will display posts from your blog, defined in the widget option area. You can display posts with a certain tag, posts from a certain category or published in a chosen month. You can display them in full, excerpt or under the form of a list, and many other really cool options.

Adam Warner has also released a video overview of this nifty plugin that you can view here or on

More info on this plugin you can find on Justin’s blog.

And you can download the plugin from

Note: While PHP knowledge is not required in order to manipulate this plugin, a basic understanding of how the query_posts template tag works would turn out to help.

Latest Posts by Category Plugin v1.1 Update

By popular demand, the Latest Posts by Category Archive WordPress plugin has been updated to version 1.1 which currently includes the option to also display post dates, via hardcode or shortcodes.

Also, for WordPress 2.7+ users, a dashboard widget has been added that keeps track of the version in used and compares it to the most recent version available, for you to know when it’s time for a new update.

The updated plugin can be downloaded here.

WP Plugin: Latest Posts by Category Archive

After posting the Latest Posts by Category Archive tutorial, I’ve received requests to transform the code into a WordPress plugin.

Update: Version 1.2 has been released. Read about the changes below, in the “Version History” section.

Latest Posts by Category Archive WP Plugin

The Features of ‘Latest Posts by Category Archive’ WP Plugin

Here’s the list of features currently available:

  • Can be used via hard-coding inside page templates;
  • Can be used as a widget in your widget-ready areas;
  • Can be used via shortcodes inside pages’ or posts’ content;
  • Can be used either inside or outside the loop;
  • Can limit the archive to certain categories, or exclude certain categories;
  • Can display or hide post dates;
  • Can display or hide post excerpts and adjust their length in words;
  • Can set the number of listed post from 1 to ‘all’.

Version history

Version 1.2

  • The plugin is now available as a widget for your blog’s widget ready areas;
  • The widget’s output can be easily customized using a few newly added CSS classes. Information about the widget is available in the plugin documentation, which is also included in the download package;
  • Fixed the dashboard area that notifies WP 2.7+ users on the latest plugin version available.

Version 1.1

  • Added option to display post dates;
  • Added dashboard widget for plugin version tracking (Only available for WP 2.7+ users).


The plugin documentation is available for download in PDF format: LPBC Documentation (7404)

For further information and plugin updates, please refer to this page, as it will be edited with further improvements.
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Online Shops with WordPress & WP e-Commerce Plugin

The flexibility of WordPress has always been its strong point. The fact that you can tweak and twist it to your own will with just a bit of knowledge and an extraordinary support from a large community of developers and blogger transformed what initially was a blogging tool into a powerful website CMS, may it be a blog, photoblog, portfolio or simple presentation website.

And since its flexibility is undisputed, the folks at Instinct, a New Zealand development company, took it a little further with their WP e-Commerce plugin.

Here’s what they have to say about their plugin:

The WordPress e-Commerce plugin is a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability. It is both free and priceless at the same time.

Let’s see about that!
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The Issue With Depending on WordPress Plugins

Everyone gets all excited about WordPress when they find that nearly any feature they could want can be added through a plugin system, but there are issues with depending on plugins that people should consider before loading up on additional features.

Delays in Releases

One of the biggest issues that occurs in the WordPress plugin world is that the plugin developers can’t keep up with the developments in the WordPress core. A great example of this is PodPress, a very popular podcasting plugin for WordPress that still, after two months, does not have a new release to work with WordPress 2.6.

Dropping support

One day the plugin that you enjoy using might just disappear. The developer giving up on supporting it, and if it isn’t very popular in the wider circles, then there will most likely not be anyone there to pick up where they left off. This looked like it was going to happen to the very popular All in One SEO plugin, but at the last minute, someone else committed themselves to furthering the plugin.
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All In One SEO Pack No Longer Supported

Update: All In One SEO Pack has been picked up by another developer. Read more here.

The news has traveled across the blogosphere today. One of the most popular and useful WordPress plugins, “All In One SEO Pack” is no longer supported by its author, uberdose.

It is official as the announcement has been posted on the homepage of this plugin:

“This plugin is no longer supported or maintained.”
All In One SEO Pack

For now, the plugin is fully functional and compatible with the latest stable release of WordPress, 2.5.1, but since it will no longer be updated, that could change with future releases of this blogging platform.

While the news is most unfortunate for many WordPress users we could still look on the bright side of this. Now it’s the time for plugin developers out there to provide the community with a new resource, one that can make history and help us better optimize our blogs.

This is not an easy task, but like most great things, it’s not supposed to be. So, what do you think fellow developers? Are you up to the task?

The king is dead, who will rise up to the challenge?

My Link Order Plugin: Validation Error Solution

As you might remember, a while ago I’ve recommended you the plugins developed by GeekyWeekly: My Link Order, My Page Order and My Category Order.

I’d still recommend them to everyone how wants to organize his blog easier and better, even if recently I’ve found out that the My Link Order plugin generates an XHTML validation error, specifically: it creates an ID duplicate for each blog roll category that you add.

The validation error could look like:

ID "mylinkorder" already defined


anchor "mylinkorder" already defined

My Link Order Fix

So, how to fix this? Actually it’s pretty simple.

1. Navigate to your plugins folder and open for editing the mylinkorder.php file;

2. Find this line of code:

'category_before' => $before_widget, 'category_after' => $after_widget,

Depending on the plugin version, it should be between lines 180 and 200.

3. Comment the like by adding 2 slashes at the beginning, so the end result would look like:

//'category_before' => $before_widget, 'category_after' => $after_widget,

4. That’s it! Upload the file and enjoy your valid ordered blog.

Keep your blog ordered with WordPress Plugins

Even with the latest WordPress release – 2.5 – we still need to make use of plugins to order our pages, categories and links, without having to go through each one and set an order number manually. If we still have to do this, let’s do it right.

Geeky Weekly is the blog of a 23 year old self-proclaimed geek, with a BS in Computer Science and extensive expertise in computer technologies and databases. For a while now he has been working on 3 WordPress plugins that he kept constantly updated, with every new release of the blogging platform. The latest versions of his plugins are fully compatible – claims their author – with the 2.5 release and are now listed and hosted in the “Plugins” section of

So, for your ordering needs, Blogsessive recommends:

Also, for more information and update history, visit the dedicated sections on the author’s blog: My Link Order, My Page Order and My Category Order.

From now on, enjoy your blogging. Everything is “in order”.

Flash Tag Cloud WordPress plugin

Flash based Tag Cloud WordPress pluginRoy Tanck‘s flash tag cloud WordPress plugin – WP Cumulus – is the perfect tool for those of you who want a cool flashy gadget on their blog. From Roy’s provided information, this plugin should not affect the SEO score of your blog, since it will deliver the WordPress classic tag cloud to users that don’t have the Adobe Flash Player installed.

It easy to install, customize and implement and works exactly like a normal WordPress tag cloud, only with some nice effects for the tag navigation. A fully functional demo can be seen on the Roy Tanck’s blog, as well as the plugin download package.

So, all you blogsessed people out there, give this flash tag cloud a spin and tell us what you think about it!