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Xmas Contest: Prize Winners

December 26 is here, which means today I am going to announce the two winners of the Xmas ReTweet Contest.

Each of the winners will have the possibility of choosing one of the Premium WordPress Themes available in the WordPress category at ThemeForest as their prize.

Complete list of participants

Below you’ll find the complete list of participants (39) that had valid contest entries (followed both steps in order to enter the competition):

1. Bloghita - @bloghita
2. Marius. - @Marius__
3. Radu Panciuc - @panciuc
4. Eugen - @pauneugen
5. Nikolaevi4 - @Nikolaevi14
6. JeremyOLED - @JeremyOLED
7. Aldo - @iFeelanceWeb
8. Kimberly Castleberry - @KimJCastleberry
9. AlexT - @alext_1020
10. Razvan Girmacea - @RazvanGirmacea
11. Cristian VADUVA - @Vaduva
12. Youwei - @Youwei
13. Calítoe.:. - @Calitoe
14. Daniel - @danielpeisar
15. Anand Srinivasan - @knewthis
16. Margaret Ayad - @eracose
17. Nice from Thailand - @SE7ENize
18. Jennifer - @grizzarkhov
19. Dimitry Ekzarkhov - @design_deity
20. Tracy - @mattnem05
21. Dhaunae @Dhaunae
22. Jessica Dooley - @jessicadooley
23. Jason - @jasontromm
24. elmot - @elmot
25. Kat - @simplywp
26. Codrut @ Blog Post Ideas - @CodrutTurcanu
27. Damir - @wisehat79
28. Melvin - @melvinblog
29. Prasanth Chandra - @pcsbox
30. Jacob Yap - @jacobyap
31. Raju - @rajupp
32. naz - @aenaz
33. Suhas - @suhastech
34. Siddanth
35. Slipdisc - @Roadrippersid
36. technbohowl - @technohowl
37. Rich - @fireitup4USA
38. Michael Cannon - @SMARTcutGeek
39. Kushal Chen - @slayershanks

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Xmas Contest: ReTweet to Win a Premium WordPress Theme

How long has it been since I’ve held the last contest on Blogsessive? Too long, but since holidays are close, lets have some fun and make two of you folks the owners of a brand new premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest. It is a simple contest and everyone owning a Twitter account is invited to join in!

Xmas Contest Prizes

Two of the contest participants will each win a premium WordPress theme of their choice from ThemeForest. Contest prize selection is restricted to the WordPress category on the previous mentioned website.

The two winners will be randomly picked by me on the day of December 26th. Read the rules below.
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Group Writing Project & Contest Results

At the end of September, I announced a group writing project & contest on Blogsessive. The contest ended on September 30th, and today I’m happy to announce the final results.

Grand Prize Winner

The winner of the identity design package, “Personal license” for the Edge premium WordPress theme and 500 business cards is Rarst (Andrey Savchenko) from Rarst.net. Congratulations and thanks Andrey for an inspired and inspiring post!

The winning post is: Recipe for engaging post.

Honorable Mentions

Mine and jury’s appreciation and 250 business cards go for each of the two runner-ups:

Full List of Participants

Here is the complete list of entries received for this project, including the three winners:

Thank you all for participating in this project. It has been a pleasure reading all your entries!

Also, I must thank again those that supported this project, Blog Design Studio and U Printing, Jacob Share of GroupWritingProjects.com and the jury members: Alina Popescu and Tibi Puiu.

In the next few days I’ll be contacting personally each of the winners to set up the prize delivery.

Blogsessive’s Group Writing Project & Contest

Update: Contest is closed. It’s time for the jury to play its part. All entries will be made public with the contest winners announcement post, next Monday. Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries to this group writing project. It will be a very interesting reading!

The end of September brings a killer contest on Blogsessive under the form of a group writing project for all blog owners, and, since this is a killer contest, your skill can win you some killer prizes. Here’s what the contest winner will get:

  1. One identity package – logo, business card and letterhead design – by yours truly;
  2. One “Personal license” for the Edge premium WordPress theme, created by Blog Design Studio that as you probably have guessed, offers blog design services;
  3. 500 business cards printed using your newly won design by U Printing, company that offers business cards and business cards printing services.

Also, there will be 2 consolation prizes, each of 250 business cards by the same U Printing.

What is a group writing project and how to participate?

A group writing project brings together bloggers with the same interests, all writing and publishing blog posts on a given theme/topic. The topic is usually decided by the one that initiated the project, which is me in our case.
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How NOT to Run a Blog Contest

Recently I’ve been involved in blog contest and the situation I’ve been put in was anything but pleasant. I’m not going to use names since all I want to do is to tell you what you should be aware of when running or sponsoring a contest. The following story is an example on how not to run a blog contest.

The story

Since I’ve started Blogsessive I got in touch with a lot of people that share similar interests with me and so I came to “virtually” meet the character in my story. I must admit that I enjoy the way he writes and the energy he seamed to put in the things he got involved in.

Based on that, when I learned that he launched a new project and held a contest to create a bit of buzz in the blogosphere, I offered my help as a sponsor with one of the things I really enjoy doing – logo design. And not one logo, but four identity packages containing logo, business card and letterhead design. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how expensive such things are when they don’t come as a prize.
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Win a Customized “Simple Balance” Theme

Let’s celebrate! Why? Because with the latest post, Blogsessive now totals 100 published posts and this calls for a celebration and a prize for one of you, Blogsessive’s loyal readers.

The prize consists in a customized version of my free WordPress theme “Simple Balance”.

Details of this customization will be discussed with the prize winner so that the version that he/she will receive will be built around his/her needs.

What do you need to do in order to win?

No article writing is required this time and no back linking. Simply add a comment to this blog post explaining why do you need this theme. That’s all!

So, let’s get the ball rolling and the next monday I’ll put an end to the contest and ramdomly pick one of the comment authors as the contest winner.

Blogsessive’s May Contest Results

Blogsessive’s May contest on has ended and the results are as follows:

Brenda has won 1 domain name pre-registered for 3 years with this post.

SE7EN has won 1 domain name pre-registered for 3 years with this post.

And since there where only 3 entries on this contest, I’ve decided that the third entry will also receive a prize.

rish_22 has won 1 domain name pre-registered for 1 year with this post.

All winners have been contacted. The three entries were picked in a random order, not based on quality of the post or any other factor.

Thanks for participating and congratulations on your prizes! Use them well!

Win 2 .com domain names registered for 3 years

On May’s contest I’m going to offer 2 .com domain names registered for 3 years to 2 bloggers.
It doesn’t matter if you already have your own domain or want to launch a new blog, either way you are eligible for the prize. The prize domains will be chosen by you, as long as they are available for registration.

Rules of May 2008 Contest

The rules are simple. Write a post on your personal blog with related to the blogging phenomenon and link it to this post so that i can acknowledge and count your contest entry.
There is no limit to the post’s length, but please don’t make it a 1 phrase post and don’t copy content or publish news. It is important that we spread the word about how wonderful this phenomenon is, and by doing so, we will provide more information to all those looking to start blogging.

On May 31st, 2 of the contest entries will be randomly picked and will become the winners of each of the 2 domain names.

Thank you for your participation and good luck!