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5 Tips to Write a Great Link Post

Take every pro-blogger out there and all will say the same thing: “Write link posts!” What are the reasons behind such an advice? Why would you send people away from your blog? Stop. I truly hope you did not just ask yourself that!

Writing link posts is definitely not about sending people away, but rather about guiding your users to even more wonderful content and letting other bloggers know you appreciate their work, just as you would like yours to be appreciated.

But just like with almost any other type of blog posts, there are some things you could do to make it GREAT instead on a simple or even a good link post.

1. Find new content

If the article or information you’re linking to has already been linked to by the most important/influential bloggers in your niche, there’s a good chance yours will only add noise and not value. The “new” factor will be lost, and with it, your readers’ attention.

2. Find relevant content

It’s always best to keep the links close to your blog’s main topics if you’re blogging in a niche. General blogs or news blogs could make exceptions, but most times your readers will need and look for more information in the same area of interest.
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Link Share Special (4)

It’s hard to keep up with the blogosphere, being such a dynamic environment. Great content gets published every single minute, and sometimes, we miss the best things because they get buried deep in a long list of feed updates.

Here’s a list of link that you should not have missed these days:

Reader Blog Critique on BloggingTips.com

Kevin Muldoon of BloggingTips.com has recently started a blog project called Reader Blog Critique. The community response it’s amazing. Bloggers have a good chance of understanding their own blogs from their readers’ perspective and to improve whatever needs improvement.

Could an Ad-Free Blog Work?

According to Tibi Puiu from LostArtofBlogging.com, it can. Tibi explains Why An Ad Free Blog Rocks, covering topics like: advantages and disadvantages of classic monetization and alternative methods of earning a living through blogs. A great, extensive, worth-reading article.

Blog Action Day 2008

This year’s topic on Blog Action Day was Poverty. On October 15th over 12,000 websites with an estimated audience of over 13 million readers published a post about poverty. Amongst them CopyBlogger.com, ProBlogger.net, DailyBlogTips.com, SkellieWag.org, Guardian.co.uk, Lifehacker.com, HuffingtonPost.com, FreelanceSwitch.com and many, many more.

Stories That Sell

That’s what Brian Clark of CopyBlogger.com teaches us, by publishing a guide on How to Write a Story That Sells. It’s a well written and filled with examples article that you definitely should read.

More Worth Reading Stories

Enjoy reading and writing great content! If you’ve recently published an article that you’d like to get included in a “link share” post, do drop me an email.

Link Share Special (3)

It’s been a while since the last link-share post, but, I’ve decided to revive this series and post whenever interesting things happen in the blogosphere. So, here’s what’s new and interesting lately:

SmashingMagazine.com recently published two excellent blogging related articles. The first one is a great usage guide of magazine style themes, with pros and cons. If you’re looking to start a blog, then, their latest article which is a review of ten blogging platforms will help you make the right decision software wise.

As a more targeted alternative to 45n5.com’s Top 100 Blogs, David Peralty of xfep.com launched a new top for blogging blogs called Uber Blogs. David promises to update the list weekly and at the moment you can also easily suggest new entries through a simple form at the end of the list. I have a good feeling about this project, congrats David!

Are you trustworthy?” is what Sonia Simone asks us on Copyblogger.com. She provides an interesting take on probable the single thing that all bloggers have in common, the need to gain the trust of their audience.

Problogger.net recently hosted a guest post from Mitch of Technipages.com. If you’re looking/hoping to join a blog network, then you should pay attention not to make any of the mistakes nominated in his article: “8 Reasons Why Your Blog Might Not Be Accepted Into an Ad Network

On BloggingTips.com, Yuwanda Black publishes a very helpful article for freelance writers, guiding them through the preparations for a busy season.

If you’re a FriendFeed fan, then Jimmy Atkinson of WHDb.com has prepared a list of over 40 apps, widgets and plugins for you to tweak your FriendFeed.

And that’s about all for now, but the series will come back as soon as more interesting articles get published across the blogosphere.

Blog SEO Tips: SEO Link Building

It’s time once again for a SEO Sunday special, dedicated to links, link building, tips and good practices of linking. It is a known fact that links pointing to your blog are meant to increase its value, not only in the eyes of search engines but also when it comes to authority measuring services like Technorati.

Links are a great tool to increase you search engine ranking and your blog’s visibility, but only when the link building is done smart. Sometimes, people that heard about the importance of link building are willing to do whatever it takes to gather as many links to their websites and blogs as possible, and this is potentially damaging their rankings. So, before going any further, I’ll tell you some things that you should stay away from.

Bad link building practices

More and more link building services are promoted on forums these days. I’m sure that many of you have come across those “1000 directory links for $10″ topics. Well, some people have to make a living, and that’s not to blame, but before paying for such services you should consider a few things.
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The Death of Link Love

The Death of Link LoveSocial bookmarking, social networking, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, everybody’s talking about them. Every known blogger is telling you how important it is to build a strong social media profile, how you can hit the jackpot of receiving thousands of visitors every day through submitting your articles, or having your articles submitted by your readers to the above mentioned websites, and many others.

Well, social networking is obviously useful and helpful; just don’t get your hopes up. You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this post, when only a few days ago, one of my posts has received a lot of love from social media websites. The answer is simple: While StumbleUpon sent a few thousand visitors to that article, another website (Reddit) did what it lately seams to be doing best.

Introducing link hate

No matter how important your article might be – you could be Jesus on your second coming, talking about the real Judgement Day – the first reaction you’ll see to your post is a few down-votes. This is the tricky part, you know you’ve written a good post, and when checking your Google Analytics you see no visits from that social media site. If so, why the negative response?
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Link Share Special (1)

What can I say, I have a thing for series, so, here goes another one! I’ll keep it short and simple with the latest intresting things I’ve seen/read online:

  1. The 100 oldest registered .com domains
  2. Rubiqube’s WordPress 2.5 review (very interesting and comprehensive)
  3. 8 Addictive Habits of Bloggers
  4. 10 Articles All Bloggers Should Read (in case you’ve missed it – 2007)
  5. The Five Components Of A Great Linkbait
  6. How To Show That You Are Serious About Blogging
  7. 10 Things To Do To Help Your New Blog

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your reading!